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“You know, I think this meeting will be a waste of time,” the local sales partner told me.

“I’m almost 100% sure the customer won’t want this product, you shouldn’t have bothered flying over.”

Well, they had agreed to the meeting after we had emailed to ask if they had any interest I pointed out.

“No way” he replied, “I know these guys, this product is too advanced for them, maybe in 2 or 3 years they will have a need, but not now. I only ever bring our low-end products in here. We will probably be out of here in 30 minutes”

We agreed to let me find out what requirements the customer had and then position whichever products they might need.

2 hours later not only had they told us they had a requirement for our product, they sat through a full product demonstration, they needed delivery in 2-3 months and an immediate evaluation.

Lessons learned for that salesperson: listen to the customer, don’t go into a meeting with pre-conceptions of their requirements, and be prepared to position your entire product portfolio, not just what you think you should sell.


Sales Pitch Pro helps you identify exactly what the customer is describing to you, classifying their needs and turning these into relevant products to position with the customer.

Sales enablement for the frontline. Helping you qualify opportunities and position your product portfolio.

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Tony Goodchild
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