Ever wished you had someone else with you during your sales pitch?


As a sales person with a portfolio of technical products it is can be difficult to understand which products are the most suitable to be positioned during a sales meeting.

Qualifying a customer’s requirements and matching those to a specific solution can result in pitching the wrong products, or having to delay qualifying the opportunity until it is possible to schedule a follow-up meeting with the customer and a product specialist or sales support engineer.

Using Sales Pitch Pro a sales person can qualify the opportunity by matching the sales intelligence data within the app to understand the customer’s requirements. As well as helping understand the current pains that are driving the customer Sales Pitch Pro can highlight other areas that the customer may have not yet considered but still be related or on their roadmap.

This level of understanding of customer requirements, and the ability to challenge the customer on whether they should be considering other factors allows a sales person to choose the correct items from a portfolio to pitch to the customer, effectively operating as an additional technical support resource in the room.

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