I'm Tony Goodchild.
Founder of Sales Pitch Pro, consultant, fan of digital things.

Wanting to help people sell more

April 13, 2018

Last year I built a new sales tool to help sales people SELL MORE. I had worked in sales and seen sales people and partners struggle to cope with complex and technical product portfolios. So I built Sales Pitch Pro…

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Team Training

October 7, 2017

How many times have your whole team been sent on the same training course regardless of your individual strengths and weaknesses? A big hurdle facing sales managers is identifying where individuals need extra support. Many managers simply use the shape…

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Helping you listen

October 2, 2017

“You know, I think this meeting will be a waste of time,” the local sales partner told me. “I’m almost 100% sure the customer won’t want this product, you shouldn’t have bothered flying over.” Well, they had…

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Be sure of your facts, build a customer story

September 25, 2017

Every sales person recognises stories are important. The imagery of a story makes the customer more likely to remember you and your pitch, and it is easier to build a rapport with the more conversational style of communication. What I…

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Too honest for sales?

September 16, 2017

It has been remarked on occasion that I am too honest to work in sales. As a pre-sales product specialist, I would gently correct salespeople who were being a bit “lax” with the facts of what our products could…

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A not-so-great customer sales experience

September 13, 2017

In a previous career, I worked as a pre-sales product specialist, providing support to a sales team responsible for selling telecoms test & measurement products to telecoms companies and telecoms equipment manufacturers around the world. In theory, this meant…

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